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—Nettie Canada, M.D., M.S.

The Supernatural Guide to Understanding Angels will satisfy our spiritual hunger by drawing us closer to God and allowing His Holy Spirit to give us glimpses into the unseen world.

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Learn how to hear God to get His understanding for your everyday life

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Hear God Effortlessly Every Day

by Shane Wall

The #1 reason we can hear God effortlessly, is because the effort is not in hearing. The One speaking makes the effort to talk. God loves responding when we are the ones who initiate the conversations, and He responds to certain subjects quicker than others.

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Who is God to you?

by Shane Wall

How much time did you spend in prayer yesterday?

By the way, when I say prayer, I mean conversation. There’s no way we can get to know anyone if the conversation is one sided. We should expect God to speak to us as a Father to His dear children during our precious moments during prayer, and we must be sure to believe whatever He says.

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