Your Season of Blessings

by Shane Wall

Have you ever known in your heart that God had a blessing for you, but wondered why you didn’t receive it, even after you asked Him for it? One of the main reasons we don’t receive our desired answer is because we ask God for certain items...when they’re not in season.

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You Don't Need Money

by Shane Wall

Having worked in managerial and other positions that required handling a lot of currency, I have seen millions of dollars in cash during my years of employment. Not one time did I ever see money jump out of a cash drawer or a deposit bag, go to a store and control a financial transaction.

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The Religion of Reputation

by Shane Wall

A business owner remarked concerning an individual she was asked to mentor. She said, “I don’t want to be seen with her because she’s a social outcast, and our acquaintance would ruin my reputation.”

What part of our reputation do we try to uphold by not being seen with someone who’s in need of wise advice? We should never treat our reputation as if it is a religion, serving ourselves above all others. None of us are perfect, but One Who is all-perfect and most righteous is Jesus Christ, and He didn't care at all about His reputation on Earth, as we see in the following scripture.

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Are Angels Real?

by Shane Wall

A mother saw her 4-year-old daughter playing with her ball near the corner of her yard that intersected with a semi-busy main road. She yelled for her daughter to come back closer to the house. But when her mother’s voice startled her, she misstepped kicking her beach ball. It rolled into the street, and off went the little girl after it, carelessly running into the street to retrieve her favorite toy.

The deathly scream of her mother viewing this sight was met by several car horns and the smell of burning tire rubber as vehicles came to a screeching halt. The UPS truck obstructed the mother’s view of her daughter’s whereabouts, so the mother dashed to the scene.

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Never Say The Word, "Miracle"

by Shane Wall

Often, when we use the word miracle, we're saying that something happened out of the ordinary, like, “It’s a miracle that you cleaned your room!” I admit that I’ve casually used that word quite a bit in my everyday conversations, but on one occasion, the Holy Spirit rebuked me for using that term so loosely. He said, “Why do you use the word miracle, like it is something out of the ordinary, something that rarely happens and something you did not expect?”

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