Don’t Know? Won’t Grow

by Shane Wall

When I was in school for respiratory therapy, I never enjoyed sitting through theory classes because they always required me to learn abstract, mind­numbing information. Theoretical classes were just not my cup of tea. I’m the kind of person who loves hands­on learning. If we’re exploring electric circuits, I want a circuit board and soldering tools right in front of me. If I’m studying law, I’d better be in the courtroom observing tough cases and not behind the desk looking at files.

I loathed the classes in which the professor droned on for hours about professional bedside manners or detecting abnormal breathing patterns. As the class dragged along, my attention span would dwindle until I finally stepped into a patient’s room to gather a blood sample.

I was great at drawing blood from arteries that no one else could seem to penetrate, but at a certain point in my clinical exercises, I realized that the lessons in theory actually helped me to develop my skills. As excited as I was to begin administering respiratory therapy, the engaging moments of drawing blood would have been a lot less exciting had I messed up. The theory taught me what I needed for the clinical setting.

Much as in the practice of respiratory therapy, we are faced with everyday situations that cause us to put our understanding of life into practice. Every day, we come into contact with people who will test us. They lie to us, cheat on us, and even steal from us.

Although it is man who disappoints us in these ways, when difficulties arise, we tend to rely on the advice of others instead of on the commands of God. But we have to be certain that those we trust to learn from are of God. Whose understanding you apply to your life determines whether you’re taking a risk with man or following the plan of God. Your success in life is ultimately contingent upon which choice you decide to make. The importance of living according to God’s will, lies in the fact that He always understands our lives better than we do.

When you’re faced with confusion about a circumstance in your life, it’s always important to ask God how He desires you to see the matter before taking further steps. Too often, we take action before receiving God's unambiguous perception of a situation. In other words, before we do anything, we need to practice asking God the question: What is Your understanding concerning this matter?

As we learn from the following scripture, if your viewpoint is entirely reliant upon your trust and confidence in the Lord, you should have none left to be placed in anyone else—especially yourself.

Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. ­Proverbs 3:5, AMP

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