Hear God Effortlessly Every Day

by Shane Wall

The #1 reason we can hear God effortlessly, is because the effort is not in hearing. The One speaking makes the effort to talk. God loves responding when we are the ones who initiate the conversations, and He responds to certain subjects quicker than others.

God responds quickly when we talk to Him about LOVE. When we Tell God how much we love our enemies, rather than complaining, He'll speak and work on our behalf. God also responds quickly when we talk to Him about our purpose in life. What do you do that people say helps them a lot? Talk to God about how that quality is involved in your purpose.

When we talk to God about our repetitive mess-ups, He'll always respond by His Holy Spirit and give us clear instructions. To God, deliverance is not an event. It's a lifestyle.

I want to interject now that we do not hear the voice of God. We hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. So talk to the Holy Spirit throughout each day. He'll speak... only what God is saying. We must always be aware that God never shares all the details concerning His upcoming actions. The Bible says we know in part. Let's thank Him for the part He allows us to know, while continuing to trust Him.

Another reason God doesn't share all the details of His next move is because He gives us instructions that we're to complete, and everything else is His responsibility. Trust God.

We don't have to be a prophet or prophetess to hear God effortlessly. To God, His believers are His own children. Engaging in this type of relationship with Him opens our hearts to all He'll share. God loves speaking with us by His Holy Spirit when we give Him ample uninterrupted time in one sitting. If we plan to rush in and rush out, God won't bother releasing His Word or His presence.

We'll enjoy a great flow of conversation with God when we ask Him to reveal HIS will concerning our situation. It's a waste of prayer time trying to convince God to support our own will. Even Jesus had a different will from His Father. That’s why He had to say, “Not My will, but Thy will be done.

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