Never Say The Word, "Miracle"

by Shane Wall

Often, when we use the word miracle, we're saying that something happened out of the ordinary, like, “It’s a miracle that you cleaned your room!” I admit that I’ve casually used that word quite a bit in my everyday conversations, but on one occasion, the Holy Spirit rebuked me for using that term so loosely. He said, “Why do you use the word miracle, like it is something out of the ordinary, something that rarely happens and something you did not expect?”

Because we are Christians, citizens in God’s Kingdom, we live a life filled with miracles.

Instances of the miraculous should be normality in our lives. Miracles are not events to us. Miracles occurrences are a lifestyle for us. It is natural for us to live a life of miracles.

Again, we should never utter the word miracle when we are relating to anything that rarely happens, is totally unexpected or is out of the ordinary. When we use the word miracle, we should be referring to the glory of God: the awesome showing of love that God deposits in our lives every day.

Can you recall any action that God has ever done that wasn’t a miracle? I can't think of anything. So that means everything God does for us is miraculous. Every work of God in our lives is a miracle. We live a life of miracles. Your life is a miracle and you've got to know that, every second of every day.

You were a miracle when you were conceived. You were a miracle when you were born and you are a miracle when you give your life to God, not just when you recited The Sinner’s Prayer, but when you dedicate your entire life’s motives and actions to Him at each moment. As we continue to live for God, we are living a life of glorious miracles. Therefore, we should never include such a sacred word, such as miracle, when we're referring to extraordinary events because we are and do live a life of miracles.

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