Who is God to you?

by Shane Wall

And this is why I am suffering as I do. Still I am not ashamed, for I know (perceive, have knowledge of, and am acquainted with) Him Whom I have believed (adhered to and trusted in and relied on)... 2 Timothy 1:12a, (AMP)

The above scripture states that in order to believe, we must have a strong stance in our own minds that affirms God’s character. If we doubt God, we really don’t know Him— personally. Who is God to you? The more we know Him, the more our faith and trust in Him will develop.

How much time did you spend in prayer yesterday?

By the way, when I say prayer, I mean conversation. There’s no way we can get to know anyone if the conversation is one sided. We should expect God to speak to us as a Father to His dear children during our precious moments during prayer, and we must be sure to believe whatever He says.

While it’s important to trust our brothers’ and sisters’ abilities to understand our situations despite their not having experienced them, we must be sure that the brother or sister we are receiving advice from is only hearing from the Lord, not their own thoughts. When we refuse to believe God’s understanding, we tend to go elsewhere to receive clarity.

The problem is that any source contrary to the Word of God will always lead us astray.

People who are weak in their faith tend to go to other like­minded individuals for pity. A church member who is unfaithful in her church attendance will probably go to someone else who is equally unreliable in the same area, who says, “I don’t see why going to every service is such a big deal.” Unfortunately, that church member will miss a valuable Word from the Lord because of the person she has chosen to believe.

As we abide in the Lord, we must treat our lives as if disobedience or disbelief is not an option. He owns our lives, but if we rebel, He will still deliver His Word to the others who are attentive to what He provides.

When we enter into salvation, God’s rules become the only rules by which we live. Our way of life has to adhere to God, only following His plans. Anything else is detrimental to both our lives and our relationship with the Lord.

When people believe what others tell them in error, they’ll act according to that misaligned understanding. When we are guided by misconceptions, our lives begin to reflect that something is incorrect about the information we’re receiving.

Blinded by our own perceptions of truth, we go through life praying and hoping for God to meet us somewhere He hasn’t promised. Subsequently, we miss the opportunity to be where God actually told us He would be.

The truth is that God’s purpose for our lives will always be greater than our own. While we can only know a fraction of what He has prepared for us, His foresight much further, therefore, deserves our wholehearted trust in His Word and in His care.

We can’t always see what God has planned in our future, but through our belief, we can know that God has prepared special lives for us. When we align our lives to God’s purpose for our individual existence, our actions will be filled with faith and love towards Him, with success being the emanate result.

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