Receive Jesus Christ



If you are a sinner, please pray the following prayer and receive Jesus Christ into your life this very moment. He's waiting for you.


Father God, I come before you now in the name of Jesus Christ. I confess that I am a sinner and I want to be saved from my sins. I do not want to continue in this life of sin. Jesus Christ is Your Son and He died for my sins. Father, You raised Him from the dead!


Jesus, I want You! I really need YOU right now and forever! I invite You into my heart right now. I accept You into my heart right now. Come in and live in me now!


I believe that You have come into my heart and life!


Father, all these things I have asked and prayed in the name of Jesus Christ! Thank You for these and all other blessings! I will live for You and You alone! In Jesus Christ's name I pray, Amen!





Glory be to God! Welcome to the family of God!!! I am so very happy for you! I am your brother, and I'm so looking forward to help you develop in your relationship with God!


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I love you and I look forward to hearing from you! It is my prayer that you and yours will...


Be blessed!


Dr. Shane Wall











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