3-Day Supernatural Boot Camp

The Truth About Your Spiritual Authority That Devils Hope You Never Discover

3-Day Supernatural Boot Camp | Des Moines, IA | August 10-12, 2018

The Supernatural Realm Is Real

From Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, #1 Bestselling authors, Dr. Shane Wall and Dr. Roberts Liardon team up in Des Moines, IA with revelations designed to increase your understanding about the supernatural authority God has given every believer AND how to access and use it effectively.


Dr. Wall and Dr. Liardon are helping people all over the world take the guesswork out of operating in the supernatural realm. You will walk boldly in the power of God and increase the accuracy of your spiritual gifts after attending this Live 3-Day Event!

Registration is FREE, and each attendee must register online, by phone or on site (if space is available on the day of the event). There is no charge to churches to host a Supernatural Boot Camp.

Boot Camp Schedule

Let's join together to spread God’s understanding of the supernatural life He wants to empower us to live daily.


Friday-Sunday, August 10-12, 2018

Friday 7:00 PM

Saturday 12:00 PM & 7:00 PM

Sunday 10:00 AM

About The Boot Camp


To bring awareness of the truth concerning the existence of the supernatural realm and how we are to operate in this spiritual sphere, all by methods outlined in the Holy Bible.



To empower Christians with a proven understanding of the supernatural realm through intense Biblical and Holy Spirit led training, resulting in dispelling fear and powerlessness.


Detailed Purpose

Virtually every Christian believes that there is an invisible world all around us and beyond, and almost every Christian lacks crucial understanding about how to definitively affect the unseen realm. Those who function well in this dimension do so because they’ve been empowered with the knowledge to operate in the supernatural effortlessly.


“We fear what we don’t know.” This statement is also true of Christians who are admittedly fearful of having any confrontations with satanic worshipers because occultic practitioners are known for being well-trained in their “arts.” The 1-Day Supernatural Boot Camp equips and empowers each attendee with a proven Biblical understanding of the supernatural realm through intense Holy Spirit led teaching and training that automatically dispels fear and anxiety of the unknown, while empowering them to live authentic lives in the supernatural effectively.


Children of all ages are welcomed to attend.



"We are so blessed. Already we have begun to put into action what we have learned. Thank you for your integrity and transformational ministry.” -Pastor David Watson


“We all appreciate your time and efforts. Especially your patience to listen, understand, and bless us with what God has blessed you with, the Holy Spirit.” -Jessica Fehr


“...thank you, Shane, for being a vessel the Lord has called to help bring the understanding and knowledge of the supernatural, was such empowering to be a part of this boot camp. Blessings on everything God has for you and hope to meet again.” -Kenneth J Rivera


“A memorable evening I will cherish forever...” -Luis Sanchez


"My nieces and I attended… in San Antonio and you spoke God’s Word and explained it beautifully for about an hour and a half, yet it felt like 15 minutes lol. Praise God. This is my first time hearing you as a speaker, but it won’t be my last, Lord willing. I would highly recommend everyone to go to a Boot Camp with Shane Wall, near you, and you won't regret it." -Rebecca Prieto Tovar

About The Boot Camp Host

Dr. Shane Wall has ministered internationally for over 32 years.


He's the founder and senior pastor of The Feast of the Lord in Orangeburg, SC, where he, his wife, Jasmyne, and their son, Joshua, reside.


Dr. Shane Wall has been recognized internationally for his literary and mission work by institutions across the world. He's received Honorary Doctorate degrees for his several accomplishments. He's the #1 Bestselling author of The Supernatural Guide to Understanding Angels, which has already taught thousands of people to see and experience the supernatural realm. His Bestseller, Understanding: All success is attained by it, is hailed as the first Christian book ever written on Understanding.


Dr. Wall is the Gospel recording artist of the CD, Conversations with God. He formed The Church FM (Fellowship Ministry) for pastors and their congregations to benefit from the experience he’s gained as a leader in the church and in the community.


He hosts the top-rated podcast-turned-television show, "Hi, Dad!" that features his off-the-cuff answers to questions from around the country from youth who lack access to fatherly advice concerning their life's problems.


He travels internationally speaking at various events, and produces ministry training video courses for The Understanding Center, his online effort that equips people across the globe to effectively minister in the Spirit, with a heart of Godly integrity.


Dr. Wall believes, “Life is what God has given me to fulfill my calling.” He has also been quoted saying, “I wasn't created for me; I was created by God to help others. God will take care of my needs.



Step your Understanding game up. Join for free along with the rest of the family.

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