How to Make All A's and B's

God will grant those who are righteous and please Him the ability to retain with knowledge, understanding and wisdom with application from learning and not just storing information in short term memory, which is weak learning.

How do you get all of this from God? Ask Him for it and believe that He will give it to you because you know that He knows that you have need of it! (Matthew 6:8-9a) He loves you and desires your great success more than you!

School is not over until all homework is done. Homework includes reviewing everything that was taught that day two times. Doing this daily will ensure that you have a lesser need to study hard for any test. Viewing or hearing anything once results in your retaining only 20-30% of the information. Reviewing the same information only two more times, results in retention of 80% or better.

Never eat or drink anything after school until homework is done. (Consult your physician if you have difficulty with this type of fast or your present health requires consumption of food and/or beverage). Distilled water is permitted because it does not need to be digested. Digestion forces your blood to the digestive system to assist in digestion.A great percentage of the blood from your brain will rush to assist digestion as well.

Therefore, studying, while eating, causes your body's organs to battle for the required blood to function what you have decided that your body will do. This can cause a slight to severe headache. If you must eat, wait at least two hours before studying.

Never watch television or listen to music before or during your study time. These leisure activities slow down your brainwaves and you will become tired faster because you are telling your brain waves to slow down by watching TV or listening to music, but, at the same time, you are forcing the waves to speed up because you are making your body study. This also can cause a slight to severe headache. As a note, brain waves move faster while sleeping than they do while watching TV!

Never study longer than 15 minutes. At about 15 minutes, take a breathing, walking, rest-eye, bathroom, distilled water, etc. break! Do not lie down or take a nap! Your brain waves are still moving faster while studying than when you are sleeping. If you go to sleep, your brain waves will slow down to a level wherein you may very well experience a headache by trying to increase brain wave activity again.

Try to only study in the library or any other quiet place other than your dorm room or wherever you relax. Subconsciously, your mind knows where you relax and it will go into relax mode once you have entered that room.

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-Shane Wall



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